What We Do

With Sabrina Nichole, LLC, the goals are simple. We want to help you:

  1. Get in touch with your beliefs and sense of purpose;
  2. Identify and implement spiritual practices that help you feel more aligned with your beliefs and purpose; and
  3. Tap into your ever-expanding, internal reservoir of spirituality to live with wellness.

We do this with our C2T2 Formula – Coaching, Consulting, Teaching and Training!

Coaching: Individual & Small Group

Providing information and support to help you assess your current state of spirituality and wellness, identify goals and collaboratively design a personalized plan of growth. Through coaching, Sabrina Nichole helps you reach your goals by reflective activities, plans of care, and supportive, psycho-spiritual experiences. Small group coaching consists of 3-6 individuals who journey together as a peer support group.

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Consulting: Small Group & Organization

Providing information and support to help you assess the spiritual health and wellness of your organization or group, and develop strategies to improve and sustain the spiritual alignment of your company and your stakeholders.  Sabrina Nichole helps your organization connect purpose and passion with progress!

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Providing information to help you grow in knowledge regarding spirituality and wellness, and ways to practically implement this knowledge into your life. Teaching is done in small or large groups, and incorporates themed curricula, wellness conceptualization and intervention models, and exploration of sacred texts and practices.

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Providing information and support to help you identify concepts, interventions and resources for skills-based spirituality and wellness. Training is ideal for faith leaders, human service providers, and lay leaders. One can sign up for Sabrina Nichole pre-designed training opportunities, or request a customized training experience based on your organization’s needs.  Note that customized training experiences must have a minimum of 10 participants. 

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