A Quick Word of Encouragement

It won’t last forever. This hurt and sadness you feel won’t be the entirety of your life. This too shall pass. Even after storms come and seemingly destroy what was once had, a new day follows that beacons to begin again. The storms don’t have to define you. Nor do they have to be the only chapters written in the narrative of your life. The truth is, you are a lion walking on two legs – you were created to survive.

You are a bundle of joy and light who faces difficulties that could take down an elephant. But, YOU are still standing. Despite it all, YOU are still here. What you are experiencing right now are the emotions that come with the culmination of experiences inflicted upon your heart and mind. What you feel is understandable.

But here is what I hope you see: I hope you see the strength you have to exist. I hope you see that everyday, you’ve somehow managed to make it hour-by-hour, minute-by-minute. I hope you see that surviving as you have is pretty badass. You are not crazy, you are not shameful, you are not pitiful, and you are not broken. You are far from it! You are human. Oh, how beautifully human you are! And to be human is more than okay. This pain – this difficult period – is only temporary. Better days are ahead.

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