Rivers Shall Rise

River rise: rise from deep within me and water the dry, thirsty grounds. Rise and swell within the banks, bursting at the seams. Flow proud and strong like the force of the Mississippi and stretch long to the Delta of my soul. River rise from within me, quench my fertile soil. Rise that my bowl may be filled with the fruit of your richness and the fluid of your joy. Rise, flow, fill even the crevices of my heart. And then my Shepherd shall lead me beside still waters.

Rise from deep within me, from the place where my prayers are transformed to poetry… where pain and joy are woven together to form the greatest tapestry of living. Rise from the place of love and acceptance. Blend and flow like music created by treble and bass so my heart and mind can sing in harmony the very same tune of hope and healing. Flow. Cover every inch that once was captive to worry and burned with anger’s flames. Extinguish the fires of sorrow and heal the scars of every pain.

River rise from deep within me until I breathe pure air, until I fill my lungs with the coolness of oxygen – like taking in the scent of nature after a fresh rain. Rise and remind me to relax and float like a lily pad. Trusting. Resting peacefully upon the waters of your refreshment. Rise, swell, flood my soul until all that’s left is Eden and I stand naked, unashamed… the loveliest Creation.


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